Build your code, not your environment

Kodibox helps teams or team members build, test, share, and reproduce their services or features, deploying complex isolated environments in seconds on infrastructure independent platform without worry of application or environment conflicts. Ensures repeatability for debugging or research your system in an immutable environment and eliminate issues with different environments. Allow you collaborate without risk of tampering and spending extra resources and money, reducing OPEX by 50%.

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Use Cases

By being able to monitor and trace how applications communicate in your service, administrators are able to optimize internal communications, and improve application performance.

Flexible and adaptive tooling in a dynamic, volatile business environment.

Quick response to environmental changes.

Fast and efficient implementation of changes.

Development of an industry leader reputation.

Linux and Windows based containerized microservices.

Standardized packaging simplifies testing and development.

Existing CI/CD integrations let you set up fully automated pipelines to get fast feedback.

Shortly code, rapidly test and quick collaborate while ensuring consistency between development and production deployments.

Unified development model lets you remove friction from the application lifecycle process.

Standardizing and automating configuration eliminate error-prone manual setup.

Modernize traditional application and build new modern applications, all on the same container platform.

No more complex workarounds or compromises needed.

Kodibox — works with multiple clouds and on-premises infrastructure. Deliver your application to any cloud, anywhere.

Our serverless approach removes operational overhead with performance, scaling, availability, security and compliance handled automatically so users can focus on programming instead of managing servers and clusters.

Unified logging and monitoring solution, lets you monitor and troubleshoot your pipelines as they are running.

Aggregated metrics, logs, and events from infrastructure, giving developers and operators a rich set of observable signals that speed root-cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Fully resource utilization — you get virtually limitless capacity to solve your biggest challenges.

Apps CMDB + Knowledge base — your services becomes fully-managed for any transforming and modifications.

Expenses Transparency — you pay only for what you use.

Performance and root cause analysis.

Smoke, Integration, Load, Squeeze and other testing.

Mobile Testing.

API for external integration.

Allure Servers integration.

Geo distributed testing.

Rich visualization, logging, and advanced alerting help you identify and respond to potential issues even hard-to-diagnose issues like host contention, cloud provider throttling, and degraded hardware.

Kodibox doesn’t require extensive integration.

Whether you’re running on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, on-premises infrastructure, or with hybrid clouds, Kodibox combines metrics, logs, and metadata from all of your cloud accounts and projects into a single comprehensive view of your environment, so you can quickly understand service behavior and take action.

Provides latency sampling and reporting for Apps, including per-URL statistics and latency distributions.

Integrated security in the platform and lifecycle allows for collaboration without risk of tampering and data integrity.

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